Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The incredible story of the little child

A boy from Montana in the U.S. diagnosed with a brain tumor, one of the most difficult forms of cancer, managed to survive thanks to the intervention of his father who gave him secret marijuana.
The desperate Mike Hyde, father of the little angel watching Kass's fading out due to which he decided to turn to medical use of marijuana.
The three-year-Kas was quite a healthy baby boy at birth, but before the second birthday fell seriously ill.
Initially the doctors diagnosed incorrectly showed a glandular fever, but soon the reality was even harsher when parents learned of the serious illness that struck him.

The boy underwent chemotherapy to reduce the volume, which had side effects such as contamination of the blood of the child.
Parents mad day by day even more seeing in this situation the child, while doctors repeatedly told them that it is less likely to live as more and worse.
Even after a strong chemotherapy that Kass was so weak that most could not lift his head and could not eat solid food for 40 days.

That was when his father decided to take matters into his own hands and try to save his son.
After discussion with the physicians of Kas and saw that it was negative in this version, simply ignored them and secretly put marijuana in the serum from which fed his son.
Furthermore, told doctors to stop the grant antinauseants without being told why.
O Hyde said at KXLY, she saw an immediate improvement in the health of his son.
"He could not eat for 40 days and it was incredible to see him eat some cheese. It showed that he wanted to live, "he said, adding that the oil from marijuana helped him out alive from the chemotherapy.
Little Kas is now completely healthy and live like other children in his age, playing with his older brother Colt.

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