Friday, June 22, 2012

A VOYAGE OF INSPIRATION -An Inspiring Incident.

August 21 2002. On that rusty day in the sea, eagle's eye 2 was having on board 28 men. These men have been hunting down dolphins and huge white sharks for almost a decade now.

With the engines blown down eagle's eye 2 was in the mercy of the storm. They were all sure to meet their death, It was just a matter of how many hours they could survive before their end.

The nearest radio contact they could reach was almost 8 hours away. Which was virtually impossible As water had already started seeping in.
Save Dolphins Must Read Inspiring Story
An hour later the storm calmed a bit.

Captain David Stevenson gave orders to reduce the load on the ship by drowning all the sharks they had captured. Huge sharks each weighing over 250 pounds could reduce the load on the ship considerably, which could buy them more time before a rescue team arrives.

A couple of hours later 15 men had drowned. The captain and the remaining crew men made their way into the sea with their only life boat, deeply awaiting for rescue.
They had no idea in which direction they were drifting now. The next morning captain drowned the bodies of 10 men who were struck my hypothermia. As they were floating along side the bodies They could see not more than a couple of yards through the dense mist.
The bodies which were drowned had attracted quiet a few dolphins. As few dolphins came very close to the life boats the men started touching those dolphins and to their surprise the dolphins weren't afraid of those men. One of the three men had dived into the sea swimming along with the dolphins.Eventually he was getting out of sight from the life boat but he was not fearing death anymore after seeing the end of 25 fellow crew men.

After Diving under water along wit the dolphins as long as he could hold his breadth and surfacing himself, he found the rescue team waving heavy beams of light to all directions. With all the remaining strength in his body he swimmed towards the ship. The coast guards spotted and rescued him. He waved his hand in a particular direction and slipped unconscious.

3 days later on his (Mike Vincent) interview to daily papers said: " i owe my life to the dolphins, i would love to devote my entire life to save the dolphins " . Since then, the three men started campaigning in all parts of America to against the hunting of dolphin. A decade has passed and still they continue their campaigns extending to few countries now. This August the 21st they wish to create a huge campaign in Denmark to put an end to the FESTIVAL OF DOLPHIN HUNTING.
Denmark Dolphin Killing Festival

We all make mistakes but only few men like MIKE VINCENT learn from those mistakes and leave behind INSPIRING FOOT STEPS TO FOLLOW.

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