Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Handicapped Girl - My Inspiration


Today morning while i was on my way to college in a government bus. I witnessed an heart warning incident which i would like to share with you all. The bus was quite rush, and there were no empty seats. In a particular stop a very old man entered the bus and was looking for empty seat. Unfortunately there was none. He requested few men for the seat but those men refused. A min later a young girl who was supposedly wearing a school uniform stood up and asked the old man to have the seat. The old man made himself comfortable and blessed the girl. The girl smiled back. Quiet a few people including me admired the attitude of such a young girl.

Almost half an hour later while the bus was heading to a stop the girl bent down trying to take some thing from under the seat where she was sitting. As I watched her, I could prematurely understand that she was not doing it with ease that was quiet a struggle for her. At that moment I didn't know why.
Eventually she slipped while the bus got to a sudden halt and got herself slammed very badly. Tears came running from my eyes As i lifted her , she stood up in terrible pain holding my shoulder for a couple of minutes. I had painful time when she asked me to adjust her artificial leg back to a proper position, which I did Eventually. The old man picked up her walking stick from under the seat and gave it to her . . .

She smiled at me and said THANK YOU BROTHER and got down slowly. This day is so special in my life when i met such a special girl who May have been physically a handicap but her attitude towards life showed that she was supposedly a super human.


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