Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Island of Feelings- Motivational Story

There was once an island where all the feelings lived and all human values: the good mood, sadness, Wisdom, Humility, Joy, Courage, and all other feelings, of course including the Amour.

One day it was announced that a tsunami was approaching and would overwhelm the island.

Then all prepared their boats and fled. Love remained alone, waiting until the last moment.When the island was on the verge of extinction, Love decided to ask for help.

Wealth passed by Love in a luxury yacht and Love says:

- "Richness, can you take me? '

- "I can not do that because I have a lot of gold and silver in my boat and there is no place for you. '

Then Love decided to ask Vanity who was passing in a beautiful vessel:

- "Pride, I beg you, take me. '

- "I can not take you, love, you could destroy the perfection that exists on my boat. '

Love then asked the sadness that passed by:

- "Sadness, I beg you, take me. '

- "Oh Love, Sadness answered, I am so sad that I need to be alone. '

Good mood then passed love, but she was so happy she did not hear it called.

Suddenly a voice said:

- "Come, Love, I will take you with me. '

He was a man who had called him. Love was so happy and filled with joy, that he forgot to ask his name. Arrived on land, the old man went. Love realized how much she owed. He approached and asked Knowledge:

- "Knowledge can you tell me who is the one who helped me? '

- "It's Time" replied Knowledge.

- "The Time? asked Love. Why does time have me it helped? '

Know the wise answered,

- "Because only Time is capable of understanding how love is important in life. '

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