Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tips To Make Your Dreams Come True

Life is full of dreams , of ideas that come to mind every minute, of things we want to achieve, we all have dreams in life, those dreams can come true only if you want to distraction.

1. Live your dreams, remember that the people around you directly affect your thoughts, your dreams should be your dreams , not your parents, children or friends.

2. Life is short , enjoy every second of life as you fight to achieve your goals, if you manage not you've enjoyed along the way and then it was worth.

3. Dreams are not reality unless we take action to make them happen.

4. dreams are not always consistent with reality , the road will be difficult but you must be prepared, really like you succeed.

5. Visualize your goals whatever your real limitations.

6. Every dream at the time and a time to every dream, to win a war you must fight many battles .

7. No matter how many times you find failed if you get it at the end, a human being is not measured by how many times the victories won but by the time it gets up to head up their defeats.

8. If you have to choose between love and dreams listen to your heart , guide you through the rough roads but you will always be happy and a happy person has managed to sleep most difficult of all.

9. Being able to understand your mistakes and correct them lets go forward.

10. not do anything that goes against your ideals, in times of difficult decisions resorted to patience .

I hope these tips will allow your dreams come true.

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