Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inspiring Story -The Student and the Peasant

This story is true. Look for the power of metaphor that we can learn from this story.

There is a little over a hundred years, a student was sitting on a train next to a man who seemed to be a peasant healthy. This man prayed a rosary and fingered the beads between his fingers.

"Sir, the student asked the old man, you still believe in this stuff arrears? "And he laughed before adding
"I do not believe in such nonsense. Take my advice, take this string through the window and then learn what science has to say about it. '

"The science? humbly asked the men with tears in their eyes, I do not understand by this science ... maybe you can explain it to me? '

The student saw that the man was deeply touched. To prevent the further injury, he replied

"Please, give me your address and I will send you some books to help you in this area. '

The old man fumbled in his jacket pocket and gave the boy his business card.Discovering the card, the student, ashamed, bowed his head and dared not say a word.
He had read "Louis Pasteur, Director of the Institute for Scientific Research, Paris. '

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