Thursday, May 24, 2012

5 rules for happiness

Happiness is also grown, all the actions you take every day affect how you go in life.

Here are five simple rules can help you live happily and at peace with himself. 

1. - Free your heart of bitterness and hatred.

never good to live in the past and hold grudges, not worth looking back, but look forward.

2. - Free your mind from worries.

Do not worry about what you do not have a solution, which solved lives can be arranged.

3. - Live simply.

Do not be misled by material things or to have them not despair, if you work hard, you have everything you want. If you have the financial means do not overdo it with material goods, sharing is a good example of life.

4. - Give more.

Practice delivering more of what you are asked, at work, in the study, solidarity and all that life asks you for something.

5. - Wait less.

Do not ask for free stuff and do not try much, if someone is supportive you do not ask much and expected little, grateful and rewards with the least need it some day you were given.

Finally: Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional

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