Friday, May 25, 2012

The Rebirth of the eagle- An Inspiration

The eagle has the longest life of all specimens of its kind: It can live for 70 years.

But to reach this age, the eagle must make a difficult decision in up to 40 years:
1 - Its long claws become too flexible can no longer seize the prey which serves food.
2 - Its long and sharp beak becomes bent too.
3 - Its wings became too expensive because of their many old feathers thickened, and they make the flight difficult.

Then, the eagle is facing a difficult choice: 
Either Die or go through a painful process of change that will last 150 days ... or 5 long months.

Golden Eagle-The Rebirth of the eagle- An Inspiration

This process requires that the eagle flies to the top of a mountain on its nest. There, the eagle will rub his nose and hit against a rock until it's eroding. After that, it will wait regrowth of a new horn and rigid form a new nose.

Then he tried to pull and to use its claws. After that new greenhouses will develop following a regrowth process permanent.

Then again, the eagle starts plucking its feathers elderly. After that, the new pens lighter and more flexible will grow back.

And finally, after five months of painful patience, the eagle takes its famous flight of rebirth and can live 30 years more.

Why is change sometimes necessary for us too? Often, to survive, we must, we also begin a process of change. We must sometimes painfully so get rid of old habits, memories, traditions.It is only free from the burden of the past that we can then take advantage of the present and the future.

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