Friday, May 11, 2012

Mom loses legs but saves kids from Tornado

Mom who lost legs told kids, 'You're not going to die'

From her hospital bed, an Indiana mother who lost both of her legs but saved her two children described the frightening moments when a tornado ripped through the family's home.

Stephanie Decker, 36, lost one leg above the knee and the other above the ankle, and broke seven ribs, but her two children, Dominic, 8, and Reese, 5, were unharmed after a twister with 175 mph winds leveled their house in Marysville, Ind.

"Everything started hitting my back," "Beams, pillars, furniture - everything was just slamming into my back, but I had my children and the blanket, and I was on top of them."

The tornado has passed away after some time, Dominic and Reese, miraculously, didn't even have a scratch on them, but Decker was bleeding profusely.

"I looked at my leg and realized either it was cut off, or it was barely attached,". "I took my phone and made a video to my husband telling him I loved him."

Dominic ran next door for help. Neighbor and local sheriff's deputy Brian Lovins came to the rescue, using a belt as a tourniquet to stop the flow of blood from Decker's severed leg.
"She's like, 'I'm dying, I'm dying,'" Lovins told TODAY, his voice breaking with emotion. "Her kids were able to get out and call for help, and her kids saved her life."
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