Thursday, May 3, 2012

Log in -- Global Warming --Log out -- Suffer For Ever

Lets Talk About Global Warming !!
I am quiet sure that, everybody reading this article will definitely know what Gloabal Warming is...

Sending Emails, using internet causes Global Warming

Well How many of you know that you become a serious contributor of Global Warming every time you send an E-mail, Every time you send a Friend Request, Every time you share a post, upload photos, stream a video or take whatever for that case....

Making friends in your Social Media Sites seems to be a moment to cherish for all of you, Well almost without your knowledge, that very instance  also becomes a  very dreadful moment when you contribute a great deal towards Global Warming.
That doesn't make sense right..!
Technically speaking, you emit carbon dioxide through the fossil fuels which are burned to power computers and servers. So, each time you send a friend request, an email, share pictures through mails or just browse the Internet, you are contributing to global warming.
Think about it. Every time you log in, you leave carbon footprints. Ever Time you leave carbon footprints you Make Mother Earth Suffer like never before .

It's reinforced in the report in The Economist which says that emissions from data centers and services over the Internet will grow four-fold by 2020 making its carbon footprint even larger than that of aviation by some estimates. 

Our ever increasing obsession with computing devices may deny the next generation a healthy and happy life.If you don't want to face the curse of slow genocide, it's never too late to be a responsibile individual to make the Earth a liveable place for years to come. 
If you do not want this curse to haunt your younger generations, for the centuries to follow Please reduce and limit the ample number of hours you spend on our social networking sites Chatting, Surfing and Bloging . . of course swith off your Pc and other electrical devices when not in use!!
Thanks for Reading.. Share it for a Global Cause!!

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